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The Kingdom of Spain

Spain is filled with unique architecture, art and timeless fishing villages. Minutes outside of the cities are villages such as Costa Brava and Begur. The climate is Mediterranean inland and is quite subtropical around the Canary Islands. Spain is a very large country so the temperatures vary but overall there are hot dry summers, and the winter months are mild in terms of temperature but rainy.

There is very good transportation in Spain, the rail system has most of the country covered and the bus system has excellent routes. The cost of living in Spain is not expensive, the food is reasonably priced and it is given in filling portions. While traveling in Spain you will find eating and living in reasonable housing is average, Spain is a very affordable place. A few special dishes native to Spain are Paella, Anulas, and Hake a la Gallega. Learn more about the fine Spanish Cuisine.

One thing of note is the Spanish architecture, the Sagrada in Barcelona, and the Gallery Museo Nacional de Prada in the city of Madrid; both cities have extreme historical significance. Pablo Picasso was born in Spain; visit the Reina Sofia Modern Art Museum where his famous Guernica is housed. Take the time to visit Spain’s beautiful wine country.

The largest city is Madrid and the people of Spain have a culture of many experiences. Bull fighting is one of the most fascinating and dangerous traditions in the Spanish culture. Running with the Bulls in Pamplona is world famous. Spain has over 3000 festivals, one in particular is the Christmas tradition called the Hogueras a bonfire which is the celebration of the defeat of illness the occasion requires dinner to be eaten after Midnight. The festival is a family time not to be squandered by sleeping so everyone stays up all night and visits with family.

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