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The Romance and History of France Beckons

There is a reason why France is known for its romance. From the melodious French language to the opulent, historical museums and chateaux, France will hold you spellbound. Whether you are a lover of history and art, or you just appreciate the beauty of incredible architecture, you will be in for a treat.

The Palace of Versailles, outside of Paris, is an unforgettable experience of luxuriance and wonder. It can even be a day trip on the subway, from Paris. And there are numerous, luxuriant chateaux located in various areas as you travel through the beautiful, rolling French countryside. The Louvre, home of many of history’s great Masters, such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and van Gogh, will make history come alive.

And don’t forget that France is the home of French bread and croissants – the real thing! Most hotels offer a free, continental breakfast with coffee or tea, croissants (which melt in your mouth!) and jam. Whether you are dining in an elegant, expensive restaurant in Paris, or enjoying a pizza, hot out of the oven, bought in a small town bakery, you will be delighted. Or how about paella in a small café in a coastal town? Learn more about the delicious and rich French Cuisine.

The French Riviera, located on the Mediterranean coastline, attracts tourists with its warm climate. While there, don't miss seeing the little town, Vallauris, where Picasso discovered ceramics, and which continues to attract potters today. This is only a morsel of what awaits you in gorgeous, historical, romantic France.

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