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Ukraine - Pleaseant Surpise

Travelers searching for originality and uniqueness have to consider Ukraine as one of the great alternative. Its extremely rich history and melting pot of eastern, western and northern cultures will pleasantly surprise all types of travelers and allow them to step back in time and see Europe the way once was.

Most will opt to get there though airports in Kiev or Lviv with both having direct lines with major European cities. Although country has extensive and inexpensive network of bus and train lines, best option for exploration always presents driving around. Just remember to consider driving laws and customs.

Accommodations across country are well diverse and will please any budget traveler as they are discounted up to 30|ompared to the ones in central Europe. Even food and drinks are inexpensive with most meals going between $2 and $3 and beer sold in a bar for under a dollar. And those willing to taste the local Ukrainian cuisine will not be disappointed.

Country has well diverse list of “must to see” places like impressive seaside resort of Yalta, well preserved historical center of Lviv, or Pechersk Lavra complex in Kiev, all of which will astonish unsuspected travelers.

However be warned, once you fall in love with this country and its inhabitants, you will want to go back year after year as Ukrainian immense treasure chest will take lifetime to explore and enjoy.

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